Skrivmaskin Remington

2 495.00 kr

Up for sale is an absolutely stunning Remington Rand Deluxe Model 5 which was made in America in 1947. This typewriter is pretty much in mint shape, which is amazing considering this typewriter is 70 years old. The crinkle paint is flawless, with no scratches, stains, or areas of missing paint. Every single one of the labels are one-hundred percent in-tact and look amazing. To top it off, this typewriter is fully functional right down to the bell, and is actually an excellent typewriter to type with despite its age. I would not recommend using this machine to write something like a long novel on, however this typewriter still can be used moderately and reliably. The carrying case is also in good condition, proving that this typewriter was well-cared for. The owner’s manual for a very similar model can be found for free here: This typewriter does not use universal ribbons, however the original spools can easily be re-thread using universal ribbon, otherwise a new Remington portable ribbon can be purchased on eBay. 
This model was one of the last portables that Remington made with beautiful metal-ringed keys, putting an end to that era. If you want a fully functional ’40s classic in near mint shape, then this is the one to buy.

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